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Real Metal Threads

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Real Metal Threads Explained

Real metal threads are commonly referred to by both English and French names - equivalent names are listed here:

Bullion Matte (French) = Rough Purl (English)
Bullion Brilliant (French) = Smooth Purl (English)
Frieze (French) = Check Purl (English)
Jaceron (French) = Pearl Purl (English)
Façonnée (French) = Crimped Purl (English)
The French and English metal threads do not all come in equivalent or corresponding sizes, but some size equivalents are listed here:
French Size English Size
Jaceron size 5 Pearl purl super
Jaceron size 7 Pearl purl 1
Jaceron size 8 Pearl purl 2
Jaceron size 10 Pearl purl 3

Soutache (French) = Russia Braid (English)
Paillette (French) = Spangle (English)

Jaceron - Pearl Purl

Jaceron (Pearl Purl)
This bead-like real metal thread is generally used for outlining gentle curves or sharp corners in designs. It is very popular for needlepoint, wedding garments, church vestments, and Japanese embroidery. You will notice a number next to the name Jaceron; the smaller the number, the thinner the thread.

Russia Braid - Soutache

Russia Braid is also called Soutache. It is a flat braid which is couched down onto needlework.

Torsade -Grecian Twist

Torsade is also known as Grecian Twist. It is available in Gold and Silver and is a thicker outlining braid.

Gilt  Grecian Twist

Gilt Fine Grecian Twist

Metallic Soft Twist

Metallic Soft Twist

Catalog | Threads & Ribbons | Threads |  Real Metal Threads

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