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Caron Collection

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A heavier metallic in antique shades. Before threading the needle, snap the length of yarn gently to tighten the chainette and make the stitching easier. It is a little bit thicker than #5 pearl cotton, but not as thick as #3 pearl. Use on 14 or 18 count. Fine for bargello stitches on 24 count Congress cloth. 10 yard skein.


Caron Impressions® -
A 50% wool, 50% silk blend. Solid colors coordinate with Soie Cristale silk and solid colour Wildflowers. Verigated colors coordinate with Watercolours and Waterlilies. Impressions is about the same weight as Wildflowers, but has more loft. You can often control the look of your stitches to create either a sculptured or a satiny look simply by adding or subtracting one strand. 36 yard skein


A tubular nylon thread. It compresses or expands to accommodate a large variety of canvas or fabric sizes. It has a shimmery, wet look and when stitched flat, it has a transparent appearance; compressed, it is more opaque. In addition to using it for traditional stitching, other fibers can be threaded through it or it can be stitched on top of other needlework. 10 yard skein.


An opalescent synthetic thread. It is very easy to work with and in weight is similar to #5 pearl cotton, six strands of floss or one ply of persian wool. It tends to pick up the colors used around it. Although it has lots of sparkle, decorative stitches look well worked with Snow. 10 yard skein.

Soie Cristale

A twelve-ply solid color spun silk. Use the solid colors the same as you would use Waterlilies, which is dyed on natural or white Soie Cristale. Soie Cristale comes in a 6 yard skein.


Caron Watercolours®
A three-ply hand-dyed pima cotton in variegated colors. It has a silky sheen, especially when used with long, flat stitches. Separate the plies and use one or more in the needle according to the pattern directions. One ply is about the same weight as a #5 pearl cotton or six plies of cotton floss or one ply of persian wool. 10 yard skein.


Caron Waterlilies®
A 12 ply hand-dyed variegated silk. It gives a subtle sheen when stitched and has particularly good light reflection qualities. Use a single ply for very fine work or as many plies as necessary to suit stitch and ground fabric. Many of the colors match Watercolours and Wildflowers, but because the silk fibers take the dye differently, they may be more subdued. 6 yard skein


Caron Wildflowers®
A single strand hand-dyed cotton in variegated colors. It has more of a matte finish when stitched. Use one or more strands as required by the ground fabric. One strand is approximately the same weight as flower thread or Medicis wool. It is between a #8 and #12 pearl cotton in weight. It is available in all the same colors as Watercolours and the two threads can be used very successfully together for hardanger embroidery. 36 yard skein.

Catalog | Threads & Ribbons | Threads |  Caron Collection

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